Behavior Consulting

Carrie Lumsden is a Certified Behavior Therapist with an extensive background working in animal rescues specializing in canine rehabilitation. If your dog is fearful, anxious, aggressive or has a behavior issue you wish to change, change is possible with training. In a consultation we will identify the nuisance behaviors and put together a training plan to best resolve the issue. You will be provided with extensive information to help you understand the problem and work towards a solution. K9 Kind's behavior therapy methods are based on the most cutting edge research on dogs. These science-based techniques are proven to be the most effective to create lasting change that is reliable even when your dog is given the choice and they are low stress for both you and your dog. You will learn how to change your dog's emotional response to situations to reduce the likelihood of nuisance behaviors.  

Why do dogs misbehave? Or maybe we should ask, do dogs misbehave? Dogs are dogs, and unless given appropriate guidance, puppies will grow up to behave like dogs. From a dog's point of view it is normal to bark, chew and mark. These are natural and necessary behaviors that are perfectly normal to a dog as is jumping-up, knocking things over and pouncing in puddles. Without direction your dog may express his or her dogginess in inappropriate ways that offend or frustrate you. People understandably have rules. But if we keep the rules a secret from our dogs they will break rules they didn't know existed and then be punished for doing so. Consequently, your dog still does not know what to chew, how to greet, where to eliminate, how to enjoy time alone, and especially how to socialize with people and other dogs. If we teach our dogs how to behave in our lives then we will be much happier with their choice of activities and entertainment.

Dogs are intelligent creatures and capable of significant change. Anyone who has rescued a dog knows this to be true. Behavior problems such as fear, aggression, anxiety and phobias require specific training using desensitization, socialization and conditioning techniques that can change a dog's perception and reaction to a situation. During your in-home consultation you will learn how to teach your dog how you would like them to react and to respond better to situations that are otherwise a bad experience for both you and your dog.

$65.00 / 90 minute in home consult (within the Comox Valley). As part of the consultation you will be provided with links, handouts and additional educational materials specific to your needs. 

       Dogs are not our whole life,

     but they make our lives whole