Carrie Lumsden, CTB.css - IPDTA-CDT is a Canadian Certified Professional                  Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviour Therapist specializing in                                                                                                               behavior modification.

Aggression and/or Fear of People   Aggression and/or Fear of Dogs       Post Puppyhood Socialization         Separation Anxiety                         Jumping Up                                     Excitability                                     Chewing                                          Door Dashing                                   Stealing Food                                  Digging                                            House Breaking                               and many more

Carrie has an extensive background working in animal control, animal rescues, veterinarian offices, and the BCSPCA specializing in canine rehabilitation and temperament testing. If your dog is fearful, anxious, aggressive or has a behaviour issue you wish to address, change is possible with training regardless of your dog's age or history.

One of the beautiful things about dogs is that they are a resilient and adaptable species. Sadly, in Canada, millions of dogs experience neglect or abuse every year. However, millions of dogs are re-homed to loving families giving them a second chance at life. Based on experience and evidence, Carrie believes all dogs are capable of making significant improvement and that many thrive with the use of training methods utilizing canine behaviour therapy.

K9 Kind's behaviour therapy methods are based on the most cutting edge research on dogs. Behaviour problems such as fear, aggression, anxiety and phobias require specific rehabilitation training using desensitization, socialization and counter-conditioning techniques that can change a dog's emotional reaction to a situation. During your consultation you will learn how to teach your dog how you would like them to react and to respond better to situations that are otherwise a bad experience for both you and your dog. These science-based techniques are proven to be the most effective techniques that creates reliable, lasting change even when your dog is given the choice. The methods are low stress for both you and your dog leaving your feeling good about the way you lead and train your dog. You will learn how to change your dog's emotional response to situations to reduce the likelihood of nuisance behaviours making life more enjoyable for the both of you. 

In a consultation we will identify you concerns, nuisance behaviours and training goals. Then, we will put together a training plan to best meet your goals. You will be provided with an email including a review of what we cover in the consultation and extensive information to assist you in understand the problem and work towards a solution. You are able to share this information with other family members or anyone that spends time with your dog to ensure all the people in your dog's life are consistent and well informed.

It is a joy to watch a fearful or anxious dog flourish over weeks and months and reap the benefits of positive reinforcement training. You can teach an old dog new tricks! Let us show you how.

A consultation is roughly 90 minutes. During your consultation we will develop a training plan that suits your needs. As part of the consultation, you will be provided with videos, handouts and additional educational materials specific to your needs. Depending on the nature of the training, Carrie will come to your home or meet you in public. Travel time is included in your consultation. After your first consultation, you can decide if you want to continue the training independently or work hand in hand on an ongoing basis. 

Initial consultation - $130 (plus GST) for a 90 minute consultation. Follow up lessons are $65 for a one hour lesson. 

+$35 (plus GST) for written Temperament Assessment.  (provided for animal control or re-homing)

Proof of current vaccinations for parvo, distemper and hepatitis (DA2P) are required. The first set of vaccinations are accepted for puppies. Proof of vaccinations for kennel cough and rabies are also required. Bordetella vaccination, nosode vaccination or titre testing is accepted for kennel cough and required for dogs over 6 months of age.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. 

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