Canine Essentials Series

The Canine Essentials series is suitable for dogs of all ages who are learning basic behaviors and working towards making those behaviors reliable amongst distractions, such as other dogs and people. Puppies, adolescent dogs and rescued dogs often all need the same training, but may be learning these skills at different ages. In the Canine Essentials series, there are dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages, that are at a similar level of obedience, working towards the same goals. This series is also suitable for dogs working towards becoming therapy dogs. Family, friends and anyone that spends time with your dog are encouraged to attend classes so that all the people in your dog's life are on the same page and are consistent in teaching your dog to be a well mannered welcome member of society.

Do you have a puppy? The time to train is NOW! Dogs are at their peek of learning within the first 20 weeks of age. There is no better training than preventative training. All dogs that attend class are required to have their first series of vaccinations for parvo, distemper and rabies, as well as a vet examination prior to attending class. This ensures a low risk environment for disease.  

 Great Dogs Don't Just "Happen"

Good dogs are dogs who were taught good habits early in life, and who were prevented as much as possible from learning bad habits. Of course habits can be changed, but not as easily as teaching desirable conduct from the beginning. If you are proactive about teaching good habits, you will have a much happier relationship with your dog.  

Training is one of the most important aspects of raising or rescuing a dog. A well-trained dog is a happy dog because they require fewer restrictions. The more reliable your dog is, the more freedom you can give because you have immediate control over your dog's behaviour, even amongst distractions.

How many of us have said, "Be Quiet!" to a barking dog that never stopped to think that unless you are an English speaking human those words are just meaningless noises. Consequently, without teaching our dogs words to tell them how we would like for them to behave, it is as if we have rules and regulations and then keep them a secret from our dog. Predictably our dog will break the rules that they didn't even know existed and then get punished for doing so. Still, your dog does not know what they are supposed to do. We can teach our dogs how to express their natural behaviors in a manner that is both acceptable and appropriate in our homes.

Think of all the things your dog cannot do while sitting. Jump up, chase, run off, pace, bully or pester, mount or be mounted, or clear a coffee table with their wagging tail. In class we will use lure and reward training to teach our dogs hand signals and words for the behaviors we want them to do as well as encourage the desirable behaviors so your dog is more likely to choose to do what you want them to do. Your dog will learn to respond quickly and reliably to the cues; sit, down, stay and come, how to walk with a loose leash, and respond off leash.

The techniques used are scientifically proven to be the most effective way to teach dogs to make good decisions on their own. This low stress, force free style of training focuses on teaching, shaping and rewarding desirable behaviors and reducing the likelihood of unwanted behaviors leaving you feeling good about how you communicate with your dog.  

8 Classes - $200.00 (Maximum of 8 dogs per class)

The next Canine Essentials series starts November 5th 2018 and is held on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 pm for  7 weeks plus a private consultation.