Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking?

K9 Kind is offering an exciting new service that will help you better understand how your dog navigates the world and therefore you will have a better                understanding of your dog.


The Dognition Assessment

 Dr. Brian Hare created the Dognition Assessment: interactive games and expert analyses that give you an unprecedented perspective on how your dog sees the world. Using the Dognition Assessment, you can find out about the different types of intelligence of your dog. Some dogs are amazing communicators, some dogs are incredibly bonded and empathic with their owners, some are even capable of complicated reasoning skills and others have an amazing memory. Finding out the process by which your dog learns is the first step in discovering how intelligent he or she is.

The Dognition Assessment provides a window into your dog's individual cognitive style — the thinking, learning, and problem-solving strategies that influence much of your dog's behavior. You'll play science-based games that assess 5 core dimensions of your dog's cognition — empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning. Then, in your dog‘s Dognition Profile Report, you'll gain a richer understanding of your dog through analysis and insight from the world's top canine experts.

By understanding your dog's mind, you'll build a deeper connection with the personality behind the bright eyes that greet you every day.

When you complete the Dognition Assessment, you will receive your dog's unique Profile Report a 10-15 pages that describe your dog's unique genius. The Profile Report will give you individualized insight into the cognitive strategies.

 Carrie Lumsden is a Canadian Certified Dog Trainer, Behaviour Therapist and a Certified Dognition Trainer and Assessor. The assessment does require two people to complete and having the benefit of completing the assessment with a Dognition Assessor ensures accuracy.

The Dognition Assessment is performed in three 45 minute appointments.

Fee - $150  

Visit www.dognition.com for information about the assessment.