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Join our Loose Leash Walking 3 Day Workshop

Dogs are enthusiastic creatures that must be taught manners and impulse control in order to have a happy and healthy life in our human world. If our dogs are not taught otherwise, pulling on the leash becomes a problem and is simply not fun for you or your dog. BUT, there is a solution. Dogs, of any age, can learn how to accomodate your body movements and follow you. Using positive reinforcement, science-based training, your dog will enjoy learning how to go for a pleasant walk WITH you. You will be walking with your dog, not following your dog as they yank you around the park.

The Loose Leash Walking 2 Day Workshop is a educational and practical solution to resolve pulling on leash. 

Presentation - You will be provided with a conclusive booklet that will teach you how dogs learn and how to use a variety of training opportunities in a day that encourage your dog to WANT to walk at your side. In addition to the booklet, the workshop is accompanied with several training videos that can be shared with the whole family. 

Two 1 hour Group Lessons - Here we can apply what we have learned and practice among the distraction of other dogs. The hour is filled with simple exercises that can teach dogs who are just beginning to learn how to walk with a loose leash, or challenge the dogs that are at a more advanced level to maintain control regardless of the distractions. Groups will be limited in size to ensure everyone gets the assistance they need to achieve your training goals!

Proof of current vaccinations for parvo, distemper and hepatitis (DA2P) and rabies are required. Puppies with only their first set of vaccinations excluding kennel cough and rabies are accepted. Proof of vaccinations for kennel cough and rabies are required for dogs over 6 months. Bordetella vaccination, nosode vaccination or titre testing is accepted for kennel cough and required for dogs over 6 months of age.  

$75 + GST

The next Loose Leash Walking Workshop TBA. Classes will be held at Country Canine Care located at
5719 Green Avenue, Union Bay.
Workshops are offered on a continuing basis. Contact K9 Kind to be added to the wait list.