Pet Sitting Services

K9 Kind Dog Training & Behavior Consulting offers pet sitting in your home as well as dog walking. We have two dog trainers on staff that are qualified to provide exceptional care for your pets, that meet their individual needs, while you are away. We work with dogs with fear, anxiety and aggression issues and we offer training packages in addition to pet sitting and walking. While in our care, your dog will have a positive and enjoyable experience and you will have peace of mind knowing your dogs are in good hands.  

Overnight Care - Dogs, Cats and Other Species

Trained staff stay over night in your home, and are responsible for your pets and home while you are away. K9 Kind has two Dog Trainers on staff and are capable of pet sitting dogs with fear, anxiety and aggression issues. In addition we have experience in medicine making us capable of caring for pets with medical issues. While there, we will care for all of your pets and walk your dog/s twice a day and spend the evening with them. We care for dogs, cats and other species including rodents, amphibians, reptiles, etc.

Overnight care includes:

Two 30 minute walks a day (longer if needed)
Play Time
Mental Stimulation
Love and Attention

Fee $65 - day (additional 10% on holidays)

Training Packages

While pet sitting your pooch, K9 Kind offers training packages to address a variety of behavior issues. We specialize in Canine Behaviour Therapy and Rehabilitation. K9 Kind's staff are qualified to help your dog improve in the following ares and more.

Phobias (nail trimming, leash, noise, etc.)
House Breaking
Separation Anxiety
Pulling on Leash
Re Call
Various Obedience Behaviors
Dog Reactivity/Aggression
Fear of People

Training packages are accompanied with written information, video clips and documentation of the training so you can carry on making improvements in your dog's behaviour. 

Fee - Based on your dog's needs. Packages quoted on an individual basis.

$15 - 30 minute session
Cats and Other Animals

45 minute visit includes, petting, playing, litter cleaning, feeding, and watering.

Fee $18 - day
(additional 10% on holidays)

Dog Walking Services

Adventure Walks

We pick your dog up from your home and take them with 1 to 4 other dogs for an adventure in the woods for 1 hour of running, playing and socializing with other dogs. We are equipped to address obedience issues such as re-call, loose leash walking and socialization while out for the adventures.

Fee - $25 ($5 for additional dog)

1 Hour Solo Walk

Your dog is walked individually. We pick up and drop off your dog at your home.
Fee - $30 ($5 for each additional dog)

45 Minute Solo Walk

Your dog is walked individually. We pick up and drop off your dog at your home.
Fee - $25 ($5 for each additional dog)

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Questionnaire (please fill out a questionnaire for each pet)

Does your dog have food allergies or sensitivities?

Does your dog have any medical problems?

Can your dog be off leash?

Is your dog social with other dogs?

Is your dog social with people?

Has your dog ever exhibted any aggressive behavior including biting, snarling, snapping, growling, guarding or threatening to your knowledge?