Pre-Adoption Temperament Assessments
Adopting an adult dog can be a marvelous alternative to raising and training a new puppy. Shelter dogs can be a perfect or problematic, carrying the behavioral benefits or baggage of their previous owners. Some shelter dogs are well trained, well behaved, friendly, and simply in need of a loving home. Others may have behavior problems such as house soiling, chewing, hyperactivity, unruliness, barking, fear or aggression. These dogs require their puppy education in adulthood and even rehabilitation which will take a dedicated owner committed to spending the time it takes to resolve the problem. Introducing a shelter dog into your home can be a full-time job however it is truly a rewarding experience.

When selecting a dog from a shelter you wish to adopt a safe and suitable companion. However, animal shelters can be a stressful and unnatural environment place for a dog making it difficult to see how the dog will behave in your home. Take your time to search for the right dog for you and your family and consult a trainer to assess the dog before bringing them home. Temperament testing prior to adoption ensures you choose a dog suitable for your life style and expectations.

$40 per Assessment (Discount for Multiple Dogs)

K9 Kind supports shelter adoptions and offers a free consultation with every adoption. During the consultation you will get helpful advice on what to do when bringing your shelter dog home and recommendations on you dog's unique needs.

 K9 Kind supports local animal shelters through fund-raising. If you are interested in making a donation please contact us