Carrie is an extremely gifted dog trainer with a heart of gold. I have two dogs with very different behaviour problems. Carrie was able to come up with an exciting & unique training schedule for both dogs with huge success! I really appreciate how much time and care she puts into each dog, she really loves what she does and you can tell she cares about each and every dog she works with. Her knowledge of dog body language and behaviour blows my mind. You will never find a more positive trainer. Carrie has not only trained my dogs & given me the tools and support I need, she has improved their lives and mine. I now have a very happy little family...Thank You Carrie!!! 

Erin Linden

We recently completed the Canine Essentials Series class with Carrie from K9 Kind and cannot say enough great things about this class. Rizona, our Australian shepherd cross, excelled under Carries guidance. We had 8 dogs in our class with a lot of different personalities, but Carrie's ability to teach us as well as our dogs had everybody learning and getting along with-in 30 minutes of meeting everyone. Her personality is very upbeat and her love for what she does shows through in her devotion for everyone to have a happy well adjusted family dog. We also did a few 1-on-1 classes with her which were very reasonable in price and very beneficial. She gets 5 stars from us and if anybody needs help with their dog please give Carrie a call because she will be able to help you. Thx again Carrie, we are very grateful.

James & Susan Orange Tabby B&B Port Hardy

This testimonial concerns Carrie Lumsden, “the other dog whisperer”
I have a rather high strung Mini Schnauzer named Angus. He was a barker and made strange with every other dog he met as well as people he passed on the street . Carrie was recommended to me by Angus’s dog groomer. On meeting Carrie I was amazed by her patience. She got on the floor and worked with him at his eye level . By the time the lesson ended he was less hyper. These lessons went on for a few weeks and by the time they ended I saw a change in Angus. I have also seen her working with bigger dogs at the kennel and my jaw drops in amazement at the way she handles them. The dogs totally trust her and are happy to do as she asks. I definitely would recommend her and am still bowled over by the patience she shows to each animal.

Anne Peregrine

We have a two year old pure-bred poodle who is having some socialization issues with other dogs. We thought it would be best to seeking some training for Buddy. After spending one hour with Carrie, we have realized that it's us - the pet parents, that need the training more than he.
Seeing how Carrie reacted with Buddy and then assisted us in our demeanor, body language and leadership with positive behavior reinforcement was a real eye-opening experience. You can read about this, yet having someone guide you through the process is much more practical.
We know have a training plan in place for Buddy and will seek Carrie's guidance along the way. Thanks, so much!

Dave Warawa

Carrie is one of the most patient and diligent trainers I have ever used for my dog. After going through 4 different trainers, I have nothing but high praise for Carrie's kind demeanour, and methods, not only with my pet, but with me as well. Part of the job I know is training the owner, and she is so in tune with the dog she corrects me effortlessly. Thank you Carrie, you are a great educator!

Madison Quinn

Photography by Eiko Jones